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Waterproof Tape


Waterproof Tape


The AeroFix™, AeroPlast™ and AeroPore™ Adhesive Medical Tapes provide a solution for a large range of applications.
Individually wrapped rolls ensure the tape is kept in optimum condition.



Individual Spool

  •  Waterproof Tape comes in an individual spool ensuring the tape is kept in optimum condition.


Strong and highly durable

  • Waterproof Tape is of a premium strength and resists peeling or curling even in varying temperatures



  •  Waterproof Tape is resistant to ingress of water, grime and oil keeping the wound clean and dry.


Product Code Description Size Min Order Items/Unit Shipper Qty
APT1225 Waterproof Tape Triple Cut 2in x 5yds 1 roll/1 72
APT12 Waterproof Tape 1/2in x 5 yds 1 roll/1 288
APT1210 Waterproof Tape 1/2in x 10yds 1 roll/1 144
APT25 Waterproof Tape 1in x 5yds 1 box/12 30
APT2510 Waterproof Tape 1in x 10yds 1 unit/1 72